As our name implies, communities are at the heart of our mission. We make disciples, serve our city, develop spiritually, and learn to love each other in the context of small communities. Our vision is to see new communities developing all over Fort Myers as witnesses to the Kingdom of God.

Burning Bush Missional Community
We are a community dedicated to growing as disciples on mission. We meet regularly to deepen our understanding of Jesus’ call on our lives, grow as local missionaries and support one another as we engage our community with the gospel.
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Come as You Are
We share a meal and God’s grace with neighbors who are experiencing homelessness and financial insecurity at Lion’s Park on the second and fourth Saturdays each month. We meet at the park at about 4:30 to prepare and then serve.
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Sensible Outreach Solutions
We are a community focused on blessing individuals, families and communities in our city through family crisis counseling, mentoring and anger management. We partner with families in crisis and other service providers to share God’s love in the context of crisis situations.
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Hands of Hope Helps
We are a ministry team that is focused on integrate ex-offenders, at-risk youth and our neighbors on the margins into the body of Christ.
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Foundation Ministry
A community partnering with single mother’s who are working to break out of addictions and move to freedom and wholeness in Christ.
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The Hot Dog Grill
We are a community that loves to offer Christ’s hospitality to our neighbors in the form of cookouts. Our goal is to create a place in our local parks for people to encounter the love of Christ through a warm welcome and a warm meal.
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We are a community that shares Christ's love with women who are exiting the prison system by providing a variety of relevant social services to help them get back on their feet and a loving community in which they learn to follow Christ.
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Faith in the Word
We are a microchurch dedicated to serving the hurting in Fort Myers by sharing of God's love and God's Word.
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